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The Story Of
"Make you My Lady"

Chart Success and Television Broadcasts // South Korea

Jim Wolf's 2012 release had turned 2014 South Korean hit, when his single, “Make You My Lady”, was used as the music for the wedding of popular Korean actress, ChaeRim, and the song climbed MNET K-Pop charts in Asia to #29 out performing major label American artist such as Adele and Beyonce’. The song is in the Top 10 (Peaked for a week at #2 on 1/20/2019 and #3 for the month of January 2019) on Melon's Country/Folk and Blues chart in Korea for the last year since appearing on hit primetime TV show "My Secret Romance" collecting nearly 100 broadcasts in Asia including multiple Primetime K-Dramas, Variety TV Shows, and Film. Below is the chart just two days after ChaeRim's wedding, Jim Wolf is alongside some of the biggest names in music on a major music countdown (which would have been similar to TRL in U.S.)

Mnet International chart.PNG

Recent  Chart Positions  

(12.21.2021) #2 Melon Folk Chart, #7 Melon Country/Folk/and Blues    

Above Taylor Swift's  "All Too Well (Taylor's Version)"
[with in the first month of it's release]
More Chart Images
#2 Melon Daily Chart - Make You My Lady.png
Top 5 with Ed Sheeran and Bruno Mars

In the chart image below "Make You My Lady" is above Idina Menzel "Let It Go" from Disney's "Frozen", which was one of the biggest songs in the world at that point in time.

_Make You My Lady_ Above _Let It Go_ by Idina Menzel.png

Due to the major South Korean TV placements and chart success, Jim Wolf was a Special Guest and Speaker at KCON (Korean Pop Music Convention) in New York in June (2018). Continue on, and see some of the TV Broadcast that makes “Make You My Lady” a strange and amazing phenomenon a song that remains on the charts in South Korea 9 years after it's release, and has perpetuated other songs for Wolf as well.

NOTE: We couldn't find all the TV broadcast placements for "Make You My Lady" but check out some of the amazing videos we have collected for this song. 

Other Jim Wolf Songs in TV Broadcasts:

Jim Wolf has many other songs in TV, including:

I'm Here For You

Door's Open

Living The Good Life

Just To Be With You

Forever Sunday

Who Am I?

My Guilty Pleasure

And others. Please contact us if you find one. Thank you in advance!


ChaeRim’s Wedding

ChaeRim and Zi Qi’s wedding seems to be the starting point of “Make You My Lady’s” chart success (October 2014).

Hot Place - TV Show

There is a TV placement that precedes the wedding by a year. In 2013, “Make You My Lady aired on SNTV’s ‘Hot Place’.

Weddings - Inspired by Chae Rim

Other wedding videos followed ChaeRim and Zi Qi’s wedding by using “Make You My Lady” as a music bed and creating a trend.

如果爱 (If You Love) - TV Show

After the various wedding videos; "Make You My Lady" appeared on 如果爱 TV show (title roughly translates to “If Love” or “Perhaps Love”. Which aired on August 6, 2015. The show crosses cultures again having a slightly different audience of a chinese and thaiwanese ."If Love" is a no script, star studded "Romantic idol drama", there is no cliché plot lines, only the most free and easy side of idol drama. The audience gets to see the lighter side of idol performer life. A few single male and female star artists will be in the program to love each other in the various kinds of romantic situations and the ups and downs.

TBS - News Broadcast

In January 2016 "Make You My Lady" aired on TBS News broadcast for humanitarian project in South Korea.

청년 대한민국잘 부탁드립니다 - TV Show

Cosmetics is a very popular industry in Korea and 청년 대한민국잘 부탁드립니다 is a reality show based on workplace life of the leader of K-Beauty, Kaurion Cosmetics Co., Ltd. The show aired “Make You My Lady” in 2016. As seen in the clip below.

내장산 - OBS Channel - TV Show

Later in 2016, “Make You My Lady” ended up in another TV Broadcast, this time a Travel Show based on Naejangsan Mountain 내장산 in South Korea.

'Your Signal' or '너의 시그널' - TV Show

In 2017 "Make You My Lady" featured during the closing credits of Korean television show 'Your Signal' or '너의 시그널' on SogangTV 서강TV OR방송제 드라마 '너의 시그널'

My Secret Romance

My Secret Romance 애타는 로맨스 is the show that put Jim Wolf’s “Make You My Lady” on the Melon charts in the Top100 in 2017 and for the following year and a half. It is this extended background placement during this climactic moment that is included in the DVD box set.

My Secret Romance - Box Set

My Secret Romance - Box Set.JPG
Heart Signal 2 하트시그널 시즌 2 - TV Show

On April 06, 2018, “Make You My Lady” made it’s first appearance on the super popular ‘Heart Signal 2’ 하트시그널 시즌 2, Episode 4: Korean Reality Dating Show. In America we could think of it as a cross between ‘The Bachelor’ and ‘Big Brother’.

Heart Signal 2 하트시그널 시즌 2 - TV Show

On May 11th, 2018; “Make You My Lady” made it’s second appearance on the super popular ‘Heart Signal 2’ 하트시그널 시즌 2, Episode 8: Korean Reality Dating Show. In America we could think of it as a cross between ‘The Bachelor’ and ‘Big Brother’.

Heart Signal - 心动的信号 悠享版 - Chinese Variety TV Show

Jim Wolf "Make You My Lady" (Acoustic Version) featured as background music on Heart Signal (Chinese Version) Episode 5. Airdate 9/25/2018. 心动的信号 悠享版》 悠享版第5期 20180925. [BGM]

IZ ONE CHU - Pop Idol TV Variety Show

Jim Wolf "Make You My Lady" featured as background music on the premier of the brand new show IZ ONE CHU on 10/25/2018 Season 1 Episode 1 20181025. A show about a 12 member all female group living together as they make an album up to the day it’s released.

"Make You My Lady" [BGM] of 비포 썸 라이즈 6회 K-Drama [2/18/2019]

On 2/18/2019 “Make You My Lady” was used in yet another TV Series, a Korean Drama titled: 비포 썸 라이즈 6회 - which roughly translates to ‘Before Sunrise’. “Make You My Lady” was background music for 1:30.

돌싱글즈 8회 [Dol Singles] Ep. 8 21-08-29

"Make You My Lady" by Jim Wolf was background music in 돌싱글즈 8회 [Dol Singles] Ep. 8 - 21-08-29 (BGM). Aired on August 29th 2021.

I AM SOLO | 나는 SOLO 30회 솔로 5기 featured "Make You My Lady"

I'm SOLO is a dating reality show inviting fourteen men and women "desperate" to find true love. In the SOLO world, where they can only focus on finding the one, they start the most complicated but thrilling love adventure of their lives. You can enjoy watching the romantic and nuanced interaction between the contestants and guessing who would be the couple. TV Show: I Am Solo Aired On: Wednesday 2022.02.02. Episode 30 Original Network: SBS Plus Duration: 1 hr. 30 min.

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